Prayer for Sadness at Christmas

Prayer for

Sadness at Christmas

If you are sad at Christmas,

we hope this page will bring comfort to you.

Note: There are several prayers
on this page.

Many people deal with deep sadness at Christmas.

Death, divorce, and distance
can keep us from the Christmas we long to experience.

Addictions, illness, and injury
can taint the joy we want to feel.

Whatever is causing you sadness, we are praying for you.

We are lifting up prayer for all those who visit this page.

You are not forgotten this Christmas.

Prayer for Sadness at Christmas:

Prayer for God's help

Dear Lord,

It is the Christmas season.

Everything is wrapped in red.

But I feel blue.

Help me, Lord.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

Sad at Christmas


I have no idea who the singer she mentions is. Hopefully he sings clean songs.

Dear Lord,

My heart is crying out -
I want to go back
re-experience a Christmas
from long ago.

Death Separates

For many people, death has separated them from loved ones.

Many people long to go back to a brighter Christmas
when the ones they love were still sharing Christmas with them.

For some people,

Going Home for Christmas

means going back in time

to a Christmas long past.

Prayer for Sadness at Christmas:

A Christmas Yesteryear Prayer

Dear Lord,

Take me home for Christmas.

Draw me to yesteryear.

I long to visit that simpler time.

And hear old greetings of cheer.

So many of the ones I love.

Won't be celebrating down here.

Heaven is filled with the blessed souls,

That I long to see and hear.

Take me home for Christmas.

Draw me to yesteryear.

Refresh the faded memories.

And let the past seem near.

Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of


Many people are alone at Christmas.

And even more people FEEL alone at Christmas.

 Sharing a Prayer

for those who are

Sad at Christmas

Being Alone at Christmas

For Christians,
there is always some joy
sprinkled into the Christmas holiday.

Thinking about Jesus and his birth
is beautiful.

Yet even God himself said to Adam,
"It is not good for man to be alone."

Dear Lord,
Help each one who visits this page
as he or she faces

a Christmas that will have
many sad moments.

The next video is for those who are

Away from Home at Christmas

Here is Bing Crosby singing:

"I'll be home for Christmas -
if only in my Dreams"

For those who do not mind a secular song,
we include this one.

~ ~ ~

The lyrics uniquely describe
the sadness of being far away
from our hometown and our loved ones.

Prayer for Sadness at Christmas:


for those Men and Women
serving their country
who are far away from home this Christmas.

Dear Lord,

I give thanks to you for our brave men and women in uniform.

I pray that you would comfort them during this Christmas season.

Lift them up above their circumstances and situations.

Refresh them and strengthen them as they seek to courageously serve their country.

Provide them with times of supernatural blessings to help them deal with the emotional pain of being far away from loved ones this Christmas.

Lord, surround their loved ones with a supernatural ability to deal with the empty chair at their holiday table. 

May each soldier and each loved one feel your loving arms around them bringing comfort during this Christmas season.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

This prayer is taken from our page:

Christmas Prayer for Soldiers.

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