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Inspirational Movie Scenes

Monday January 22, 2018

Why is my life so hard,

and others have an easy life?

The above movie clip is from the movie:

God's Not Dead

~ ~ ~

God speaks about this topic in

Psalm 73:3-20

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Have you ever thought the thought below?

"Why should I get back up?

I can't win now.

My life is ruined."

The above movie clip is from a movie called

Chariots of Fire

~  ~ ~

The Christian walk is like a race.

Hebrews 12:1

And each of our days can be like a race.

We all stumble and fall sometimes.

But I encourage you -

Don't quit!

You can still win your race!

You can still have victory!

- - -

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Have you been praying and

praying for something?

Don't give up.

Keep praying!



The above movie clip is from a movie called

Facing the Giants

I encourage you to watch all the videos

presented this week and

let something inside of you


I encourage you to take time
to listen to what
God is personally saying to you
this week.


allow a miracle

to happen in your heart this week.


Nobody really witnesses to people about God

in daily life -


The above movie clip is from a movie called

War Room


Most of us won't be as polished
as the witnessing above -
but all of us can
reach out more
to those around us.

~ ~ ~

Consider the following:

How many times do our churches

work to raise money to send

members to a short-term mission trip

to a far-off country

but we neglect those we meet every day?


Sincere Apologies

can mend hearts

and lead to


The above movie clip is from a movie called



Let's not let our past

keep us from finishing well!

The above movie clip is from a movie called


These videos can touch and transform hearts.

Will you allow them to touch your heart?

Perhaps the heart that God is working on

this very moment

is your heart.

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Originally presented March 14, 2016