How to Hear God's Voice

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How to Hear God's Voice.


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Hearing from God

The Bible is the most important book on earth.

It has the answers to all of life’s questions.

Yet sometimes the answer is not a direct answer.

~ ~ ~

We cannot go to the Bible

and read,

“Behold, next week journey to First Union bank

and seek employment.”


We cannot go to the Bible

and read,

“Yes, therefore brethren, take the job in Texas.”


Nowhere in the Bible

can we find a verse that reads,

“It is now time to go get a new car.”

In many issues of life,

we stand in the gray area of uncertainty.

So we need to learn to hear God’s voice.

In John chapter ten,

Jesus tells us that

when we accept him as Savior and Lord,

we are his sheep.

And his sheep hear his voice.

So God talks and we hear.

But sometimes we do not hear clearly.

We also need to realize


there are other voices that we hear.

We hear:

1. God's voice

2. Our voice

3. We sometimes hear the enemy's voice

So it is vital to be able to tell the difference between the three voices we hear in our head.

*  We hear our voice.

*  We hear the Lord, who is the voice of our best friend.

*  And we hear the voice of our worst enemy.

We need to know the difference


the voice of our best friend and the voice of our worst enemy!

Who is our enemy?

Let’s focus for a moment on our worst enemy. It is Satan and his camp of demons.

God can be everywhere at once.

Satan cannot.

Nevertheless, Satan has plenty of demons

to speak his words to us.

We sometimes hear those words in our head.


If we want to more easily hear God's voice,

we must pursue learning to tell the difference

between God's voice,

our voice,

and the enemy's voice.

The voice of God is spoken to help us.

The voice of the enemy is spoken to

steal, kill, and destroy.

The devil and his demons want to steal from us

physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually,



The enemy is the devil

and his satanic forces.

Click here to learn about the enemy.

Before we go to the land of uncertainty,

I will present

the basic rules of hearing God.

~ ~ ~

First Rule of
How to Hear God's Voice

God’s voice will always agree with the Bible.

God's voice will be in harmony with God's Word. If a subject is clearly written about in the Bible, then we can rest assured that the voice of God will not contradict the Bible.

Therefore, we obviously need to know what the Bible says.

An example to illustrate this rule:

I used to be a prayer phone counselor for a Christian ministry. Several times I answered the phone and a woman would be on the line with a particular issue that illustrates this point. I could immediately tell what the problem was because the first words out of her mouth were, “I am a Christian, and my boyfriend is not yet. BUT I know that God wants me to date him.”

The fact is that you cannot hear God's voice for your life if you will not be determined to listen to God's clearly stated words in the Bible. God will not speak in violation to his words in the Bible.

If you won't allow the Bible to be your foundation, you are standing on shaky, unstable ground. You will be an easy target for the enemy.

Those women were deceived.

They needed to allow the Bible

to be their final word

on the subject of dating

and all other subjects.


They needed to follow what the Bible teaches:

no matter what they felt,

no matter what they thought was right,


no matter what other people thought about the situation.

Proverbs 13:13 TLB says,

"Despise God's word and find yourself in trouble;

Obey it and succeed."

Many of our problems come because we either do not know what the Bible teaches or we do not respect and follow what the Bible teaches.

Second Rule of How to Hear God's Voice

Realize that you will make mistakes

in hearing God's voice.

If you believe that you can perfectly hear God's voice and you will never make a mistake hearing God's voice, then you are already living in major deception.

You will make mistakes, but just as a little child learns to walk by falling, you can learn by your mistakes. Even adults trip and fall sometimes, but not nearly as much as little toddlers. So it is important that we seek to mature and grow in the Lord.

The wisest person can be fooled.

No one hears God's voice perfectly. We all make mistakes in trying to hear God.

The more we practice trying to hear God,

the better we learn to discern his voice.

Learning from our Mistakes

Many times I haven't been sure, but I thought I knew what God wanted. Later I realized I was wrong. I then took the opportunity to analyze my past situation and by doing so, I was able to gain valuable insights into hearing from God in the future.

An example to illustrate this rule:

Sometimes we hear a demonic voice and think it is God.

In Matthew 16:21, Jesus told the disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things, be killed, and be raised on the third day.

Peter heard the voice of Satan in his head. Peter then took Jesus aside and spoke the words that Satan had said to him. Jesus responded, "Get behind me, Satan."

Now we are ready to get some


on How to Hear God's Voice

Tip Number 1 of

How to Hear God's Voice:

Seek Wisdom

Those who seek wisdom

hear more from God than those who don't.

~ ~ ~


"Wisdom is knowing and doing right."

Proverbs 3:21 TLB

We must pursue reading and studying the Bible in order to know what is right. Then we must make it a priority in life to actually do what God tells us to do. This is the work of growing spiritually.

"Determination to be wise

is the first step toward becoming wise."

Proverbs 4:7 TLB

"The wise man is glad to be instructed,

but a self-sufficient fool falls flat on his face."

Proverbs 10:8 TLB

Setting a goal in your life

to love wisdom is a wise thing to do!

Next Tip on how to hear God's voice:

God talks more to those who really want to hear him.

~ ~ ~

Do you really want to know what God thinks about the situation or do you just want God to give you a stamp of approval?

Do you want what you want so badly that you are not really going to welcome the voice of God if it differs from your opinion?

God talks more to people who really want to hear him  - meaning people who really want to hear truth.

I believe one of the reasons that David was called "a man after God's own heart" is because he was open to God's truth even if God's truth disagreed with his views.

Next Tip on how to hear God's voice:

If you are not sure what to do in important decisions

and circumstances -


the Bible doesn't give clear directions

about it -

then wait.

~ ~ ~

Wait for God. Wait as long as you can.

God sometimes does not tell us what to do until the last minute. I sometimes have to wait much longer than I feel comfortable about waiting. Sometimes I know that other people are waiting for my decision, and I don't like to make other people wait. But many times when I have felt pressured and therefore answered before I was sure, I later found out that I made a bad choice.

When I have been determined to wait to answer  - until I feel certain or until I get a godly peace about the situation -  I have always been glad I did.

Since God's answer will be the right answer, it is better to wait on God.

Next Tip on how to hear God's voice:

God's voice is generally peaceful and calm.

~ ~ ~

Learn to detect the voice that is peaceful and calm - even in the midst of a storm.

Sometimes my circumstances are so urgent and upsetting that I feel overwhelmed. During those times, God frequently gives me a picture of Jesus in the boat with the disciples. Jesus is sleeping while the storm rages.

As I look at Jesus, I take note of how he is resting peacefully with his eyes closed.

I notice that Jesus is not upset or overwhelmed. So I remind myself that I shouldn't be.

Next Tip on how to hear God's voice:

The enemy's voice is often a rushing, pushing, driving voice.

It pressures you to make a quick decision.

~ ~ ~

The enemy and his demonic forces frequently

want you to make a quick decision

before you have time to seek wisdom.

This is often true when it comes to buying things. The enemy wants you to buy lots of things and get into debt. When you see something that you want - that you really don't have to have - beware of the enemy's voice.

Hearing God

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