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The topic this week is:

Helping your Teen

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This is a page for all adults who love teens.

But it is ESPECIALLY for -



Church leaders



This page is presented

to help adults

to show love and practical help to

the teens they love.


Teens need our help.

~ ~

It is so much harder to be a teen today than when I was a teen.

~ ~

Showing teens great movies
is a great way
to touch their lives forever.

A couple of days ago,

I watched the following movie.

It is a great movie for adults

and a MUST-SEE for teenagers.

"Without a vision, the people perish."
Proverbs 29:18


The movie below gives a vision of hope.

Real Life.

Real Questions.

Real Answers.

Real Hope.

Don't miss seeing the movie below.

The above clip shows that the movie is about teens who are alone and feel worthless.

The clip -  below -  shows that the movie is also about teens who are on top of the world but know they need something more. 

Note that the implied sex scene is showed in its entirety on the video below
so you do not have to worry that there is more.

Be sure and preview this movie
before showing it to teens.
It has some scenes
that you will need to be ready for.

Teens need Real Answers.

Teens need Real Love Displayed.


Teens need adults to get involved.


Give some time to teens.

Give some money
to get great Christian resources for them.


- - -

Dealing with Sexuality



Teens need help with purity.

Teens need to



they should choose purity.

- - -

Teens need HELP

to get insights into

HOW to choose Purity.

Below is an Inspirational Movie about

Staying Pure

in an impure World


It shows the way (clumsy sometimes) that a man
travels the road to dating in a pure way.

- -

The man -  had led -  a sexually impure life
but is determined to change.

The movie shows the emotional scars and stumbling blocks
that his impure past has left with him.

Yet the movie gives hope to those like him.

And the movie motivates
those who are still virgins to stay that way.

Both main characters have a sexual past to overcome. 

Both find and choose the beauty of purity.

- -

This movie is very real.

It shows courage in handling
the challenges of staying pure

it shows the heartache of dealing with an impure past.

Great movie to show teenagers,
single adults, and parents!

There are a million movies
showing how to choose


This movie is alone in its message -
not only of purity
but of how to handle
an impure past in a godly way.

The man main character does sometimes seem a little too cautious or too analytical,
but I see a real person
trying his best to figure out how to date
in a pure way.

That is endearing!

The man is impressive, strong, and admirable.

He is the kind of man

most women secretly want

but don't believe exist.

Another Great Love Story Movie

Princess Cut

Dealing with Pornography


Teens need help understanding

the dangers of Pornography.

Teens - and children -  are falling into porn

without understanding

the dangers,


parents aren't taught how to protect them.

Porn changes the BRAIN.

Porn is highly addictive.

Porn ruins lives.


Wise parents put a filter on the internet.

It is not about trust - it is about wisdom.

Listen and learn and help teens!

The above info and more are found on our page:

Porn-free kids.

Also, we have a page called Get Free of Porn

and a page called

What is wrong with Porn?

Get educated.

Help teens get a vision of a



Presenting the Gospel in fun ways


 Teaching teens

to spread the Gospel

Thursday thoughts:

The most important thing is teaching your teens about Jesus and encouraging them to make a commitment to live for Jesus Christ.

Next, it is important for us to teach them about how to spread the Good News of Jesus.

One great way for teens to spread the Gospel is by helping them create and present skits.

These skits can be:

* Presented to their church

* Presented to their youth group

* Videotaped and then sent to relatives

Remind teens that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming soon, and these are great times to present skits, puppet shows, creative dance, Scripture reading, Christmas plays, sign language songs, etc. to relatives!

Consider visiting our Christmas page for teens and children for lots of ideas.Click - Gospel ideas

Here are some skits

to get your creative juices stirring.


Some teens may have a talent

for writing skits!

Sign language songs are powerful!

Want some ideas for Bible devotions

for your teens?

Click here:

Bible devotions for teens

Family Devotions

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originally presented November 2, 2015.