Christmas Romance Ideas

Christmas Romance Ideas




Stirring up

  Romance at Christmas


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Welcome Home Your Spouse

If you get home first one night, greet your spouse with a tasty mug of hot chocolate and festive Christmas songs in the background.


And if he or she is a Gruppy Gus - just say in a flirty way, "Wow, you missed a great opportunity for an awesome kiss."

Then smile and happily go do something.

Be mysterious. Be fun. Be an amazing spouse.

Text your Spouse

some Christmas Love:

"YOU are my favorite Christmas present!"


"I am missing you and can't wait to

Ho, Ho, Hold you!"

Flirt a little.

Be silly and fun!

Consider Creating

Christmas Fireworks!

Christmas Romance Ideas!

Make Merry Christmas Memories

while doing things such as

Christmas shopping for other family members.

1. While at a store, the two of you go to the greeting card aisle together.

Then each of you find two or three romantic cards and "give" them to each other.

Note: I don't mean buy them. I mean show them to each other as you stand in the greeting card aisle. AND HAVE FUN!

2. Challenge yourselves to walk  - as a couple - from the parking lot into a store in such a way that onlookers will envy how "in love" you look together.

3. Go to the perfume/cologne area of a store and the husband pick out a fragrance for the wife to sample and the wife pick out a fragrance for the husband to sample.

Enjoy the aroma of each other as you shop together.

Create Jolly Joy


Merry Memories

4. Take a break from shopping. Find a place to sit and share a Christmas milkshake.

Order one shake and two straws.

Spend quality time looking deeply into your spouse's eyes.

Show your fun side!

5. After shopping, stop by a park and walk arm in arm looking up at the stars.

6. When you get home, act like you are two actors in a Hollywood movie, and both of you have JUST realized that you love each other.

Both of you look deeply into your spouse's eyes.

Then take turns saying very dramatically,

Then kiss passionately.

Hey, make it dramatic!

Give an "award-winning" performance!

7. Find a time for play and romance in the snow together.

Enjoy some Romance - 

Enjoy some SNOWmance!

Take a stick and make hearts in the snow. Then put both of  your initials inside one of the hearts.


Seek to be an amazing spouse

even before you have an amazing spouse.


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